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Blockchain developer Alex Pertsev was arresred by the Dutch police in Amsterdam on August 10 and being suspected of creating open-source code that was developed for the Tornado Cash project and was misused for illegal activities by a 3rd party, but a developer has no control whatsoever over how their open-source code is subsequently used.

Alex is unreasonably imprisoned for:








Therefore, the accusations against Alex threaten to kill the entire open-source software segment. No one will dare to write and publish open-source code, no one will invest in the segment if they could be made responsible for the use of the tool they created by other parties.

Who is Alex Pertsev?

Alexey is a programmer and a professional in the field of information security living in the Netherlands. An active participant in the crypto community.
Information security’s primary focus is the balanced protection of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and for him it’s not just words. And as one of the areas of his activity, he was engaged in audits of smart contracts and security issues of the blockchain network.

Why is it important?

In our opinion, Alex’s arrest creates a dangerous precedent which could lead to other developers of open source software being prosecuted in case of misuse of these codes.
The developer has no control over open source code usage. Just as the manufacturer of kitchen knives is not responsible for domestic murders. The Tornado Cash team has developed a mixing service, but does not manage it — an open source application can be installed and run by any user.

How can I help?

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There are already a lot of people who care, but still not enough. Help raise awareness of our company against blatant injustice, and for the freedom of open source and the right to privacy.
Privacy friend
It is a direct attack on everyone's freedom of speech and code. Alex stood up for the privacy. Today they had come and imprisoned him. Tomorrow they'll come for you and your friends.

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A company that helped develop Tornado Cash (Peppersec) has set up a legal defense fund to fight for Alexey’s freedom and defend itself and its other employees. If you are considering donating toward this cause, please email

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Tornado Cash is an open-source decentralized protocol, and it anonimization service for cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain. The service makes it possible to conceal the origin or destination of crypto transactions for privacy considerations. Tornado Cash receives various transactions and mixes them together before transmitting them to their individual recipients.
Tornado’s purpose is to bring privacy to the blockchain.